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  1. She can create a strong mental and emotional connection with students of all age groups and backgrounds. The students can relate to her at a personal level as she shares moving personal incidents and stories.
  2. She gets to know them personally.
    Dr. Kothari spends time with the audience BEFORE and AFTER the event so that young people can talk to her and ask her questions they want to ask.
  3. Dr. Anshu reveals powerful, practical and proven techniques and strategies that help young people deal with issues that are important to THEM.
  4. Authenticity – She shares many lessons from her own life and how she started her own journey of self discovery and following her dream. Young people appreciate her transparency and honesty.
  5. She delivers cutting edge content with full of energy and high impact that leaves her audience feeling Self-Empowered and Self-Motivated.
  6. She stays in contact with them. Participants can stay in touch with Dr. Kothari and receive updates and motivation through Face book, Twitter, YouTube and via email.