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  • Seminar on Low cost finance options available to exporters & importers & its benefits
  • Organised by UCCI (Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industries),& Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Making Money Grow For MSMEs( TAX & INVESTMENT STRATEGIES) organized by UCCI
  • Conference on ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ organized by UCCI
  • The Trade Carnival organized by ZDH/SEQUA
  • 3 day training on export packaging by UCCI
  • Seminar on Exports by UCCI
  • Seminar on Foreign Currency Volatility & Risk Management by UCCI and ICICI Bank
  • Workshop on sourcing Overseas Buyers through Internet & Terms of Payment by UCCI
  • Training program on ‘Export Promotion & Documentation’ by UCCI
  • Awareness Program “Quality Management Standards& Tools” by UCCI and MSME
  • Safety Measures for Corporate Women by “Wherever You Are”
  • Course on Integrated Management System & Internal Auditor Training by UCCI and ICS Pvt. ltd
  • Team Building Workshop Cum Dubai Tour by UCCI
  • Capacity-cum team building workshop by UCCI and ZDH/SEQUA
  • Workshop on ‘Enhancing Effectiveness of Women Entrepreneurs Committees’ by FSIA
  • Program on Vocational Training Projects in India by iMove, CII, NSDC,FICCI
  • Women entrepreneurs program FSIA,ZDH/SEQUA
  • Vendor Development Program & Seller-Buyer Meet by ZDH/SEQUA,UCCI & MSME
  • Workshop On Leadership Development by UCCI,ZDH/SEQUA
  • Interactive session with Zambian Business Delegation led by His Excellency Dr. Guy Scott, Vice President of Republic of Zambia


1. General Management

  1. Planning
  2. Organising
  3. Staffing
  4. Directing
  5. Control
  6. Role and responsibilities of managers at different levels

2. Developing Personal Traits

  1. Attitude and values
  2. Motivation- Self and Others
  3. Time management
  4. Planning and Prioritising

3. Business Communication

  1. Business Communication- Writing Skills, Letter Writing, Essay Writing, Writing minutes
  2. Articulation skills
  3. Reading and Comprehension skills
  4. Book Review
  5. Preparation of Project report
  6. Data Analysis & Research Methodology

4. Presentation

  1. Public Speaking/Extempore Speech
  2. Case based Presentation on Strategic Decision making

5. Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills

  1. Winning argument/Result orientation
  2. Group discussion & Debate
  3. Working in Teams
  4. Problem solving

6. Strategic Decision Making

  1. Search engine: Getting Data/Information using technology/ Alternate Sources
  2. Comparison between Inter firm and intra firm