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About Anshu Kothari

Dr. Anshu Kothari is endowed with penetrative mind, amazing spontaneity and clarity of thoughts. Her sessions are designed to infuse tremendous dynamism and vigor into the participants, to help them grow personally and professionally.

Her specialization is in Public speaking, Behavior, Self Confidence, Positive Thinking, Management, Stress Management, Time Management, Leadership etc. The delivery style is Interactive, Entertaining and Powerful.

Her sessions are blend of motivation, inspiration, knowledge, experience ,information , education & of course relaxing.

She has taken her dynamic personal messages to all the Institutions & chambers in India, Singapore, Hong Kong & China. Her 25 years of research, understanding and experience have helped people on the path of personal growth and fulfillment. Dr. Anshu Kothari is a founder of COMPUTER BUSINESS in UDAIPUR qualified as PhD MBA 87 holding private pilot license for PUSHPAK & Cessna Aircrafts is an Educator, Business Consultant and successful Entrepreneur; She is a much sought-after speaker. She inspires and encourages people, making them realize their true potential.

Madam Kothari has trained Clients as LIC, ICAI, UCCI & more than 50 college & university students through seminars. Her favorite address is on Public speaking & motivational training while in stress, difficult customer interface, team work, enterprising skills, leadership & soon. Thousands have benefited from her dynamic workshops nationally and have heard her as a Keynote Speaker. She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

She has held the post of Hon Sec General of UCCI twice and is Vice President in chair of UCCI. She is presently a language trainer for CAT GMAT GRE under the capacity of Centre Director T.I.M.E. Udaipur. Her being the winner of The TIMES OF INDIA Contest ( English) & Pandit Udaichand all India debate competition (HINDI)makes her flaunt in both the languages. She is best Cadet NCC RD Parade 1981, powered glider pilot trained at Singapore are few to mention as her achievements. Her favorite quote is: “there is always a room at the top.”®